We have partnered with a number of fantastic, reputable organisations to make sure that the participants of our sports performance camps get an experience like no other.

At Kaizen our competitive edge is collaboration. Our business was established by three passionate sports professionals who come from backgrounds in sports, rehabilitation, marketing and events. We understand that the best organisations in the world know how to identify strategic partners who will compliment their core offerings.



Rock Tape Australia

One of the most challenging parts of life as an athlete is keeping your tools of trade (your body) in mint condition. Injuries are an inevitable part of an athlete’s day-to-day, however a core focus of Kaizen is injury prevention and rehabilitation. Rock Tape is designed to mimic the movement of human skin to promote greater support to injured muscles and joints accelerating recovery, reducing the risk of re-injury and assisting in injury prevention.


Gen-Tec Nutrition Australia

Gen-Tec Nutrition are Australian Owned Manufacturers of high quality sports supplements. Their passionate purpose is to achieve positive body recomposition, improve performance and recover more effectively for athletes of all codes. Gen-Tec Nutrition are internationally recognized by Informed Sport and source the highest quality raw materials in their products from decades of research.

Woodford Sports Science Consulting (WSSC)

Woodford Sports Science Consulting is the pioneer facility of applied sports science in Australia. Based in Melbourne, WSSC consults directly to Kaizen Sports Performance to ensure high performance and injury prevention are of the highest level.