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Team Building

Team Building

Team Building & Leadership Workshops

Facilitating groups of all sizes, Kaizen is passionate about creating a strong group and team culture through our team building and leadership workshops. Derived from our experience in high performance sport, we understand the importance of synergy and cohesiveness to maximise both individual and group results whether it be in the classroom, the workplace or on the training paddock.

Our proven model provides a strong platform for all groups, with our completely customisable programs offering a high-quality, tailored solution to our clients. Further, our workshops are completely mobile, allowing us to come to you whilst implementing a variety of team building tools which test participants in a range of environments, skills and differing communication fronts.

Clients Receive:

-              Facilitation of high quality team building and leadership workshop

-              Complete customisation of program to cater to all situations/circumstances

-              Completely mobile service

-              Multi-tiered workshop to test individuals in a range of various situations

-              All props, presentation equipment and included team building items

-              Professional and experienced staff to coordinate all pre-event, event and post-event admin

-              A full post workshop debrief report on how both individuals and groups reacted per each individual situation

-              Team of qualified and experienced staff to coordinate, run and analyse the entire workshop operations

A high quality, professional and competitively priced service with a dynamic and innovative team building and leadership focus. Perfect for schools, year group cohorts and teams of all sizes with astonishing results.

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Our People

Our People


At Kaizen our aim is to be the only option for athletes and sports organisations looking for a competitive edge over their rivals. Our team is handpicked, coming from diverse backgrounds in sport, education and relevant, up-to-date experience. We take pride in the combination of youth, experience and business prowess that makes up the Kaizen team and are always looking for new candidates who can add value to our business.


Aaron has been an avid sports enthusiast for nearly two decades having played, coached and managed various teams across a range of codes. A serious ACL injury put an end to Aaron’s pursuit of representative honours, and has seen him endure more than two years of strict rehabilitation and only now seen him back to full fitness. This hurdle has equipped him with a steely resolve in the midst of sporting adversity, making him the perfect sounding board for young athletes looking to progress. Aaron has armed himself with a Bachelor of Health Science and a Diploma of Sports Development boasting the perfect mix of practical experience and theoretical knowledge to bring a unique combination of youth and experience to the Kaizen brand.

Aaron is a Level 1 accredited coach with the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA), is a Level 1 Sports Medical Trainer and a member of the Penrith Panthers NRL media team for 2015.


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Contact us


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